Thomas Kleinheinz is 37 years old and responsible for marketing and proposal development at the Silvrettaseilbahn AG cableway company. The best part of his job, however, is soaring to new heights – with his drone. A conversation about nature and goosebumps.



Thomas, you were born here, and you told us you’ve always lived here except for a short break. Surely you’ve seen everything there is to see here?
It’s true, I worked for six months at a tax consultancy in Landeck, but then I came back again. Even though I’m from here, there’s still so much to discover, so many beautiful things. Since I’ve been flying drones, I’ve seen corners which I would otherwise never have seen. It’s really wonderful.

You’ve been flying for two years now …
We began doing it in November 2016. At first we had to get used to it, we taught ourselves with YouTube tutorials. It was learning by doing, so I took the drone home with me to practice more there, too.

How many flights have you done until now?
It’s been 230. Where I haven’t been so much is over on the Swiss side. I have enough ideas still for what I want to do. But you also need to have a bit of patience; you need the right weather, the right moment.

What are you hoping to show with your videos?
I want to show how beautiful everything we have here is. There are people who have moved away and come to me and ask me for new pictures. There is just no easier and better way to capture nature than from the air.

There are some images which we don’t often get to see.
I don’t see them often either! Last March, I took a video of the sunset on the Greitspitze peak at 6pm. That’s something which doesn’t happen to me every day, either. One of my colleagues took me out on the Skidoo so I could film. I was awestruck and totally elated. It was a real goosebumps moment.

You can see Thomas‘ video of the Greitspitze here.