Roland Tschoder is 22 and in winter he’s a freelance snowboard professional. He’s recognized as the best jumper in Paznaun, and enjoys being chosen as the sickest rider in competitions. He came to meet Trisanna with his hand in plaster – which doesn’t stop him from doing jumps, though.



Roli, when we told other people here in the valley that we’ve met you, everyone said: that daredevil! Do they have a point?
I know that people speak about me like that, but I think I’m totally normal. But it seems as if I’m not, according to other people! I’m an athlete, though, and in sport you have to take risks. It’s mostly a foreseeable risk, though.

Where is your limit?
Difficult to say. But when you know in advance that it’s not going to work, then you don’t try it. But if it could turn out ok, then you give it a go.

You’re sitting here with your hand in plaster and a couple of marks on your face too. What happened?
About a month ago I broke my metacarpal, and my nose – three times. On a tour in Kappl, I fell off a stone slab and flew down 200 metres.

Yes, it was serious. But I don’t think about it anymore. At first I was more annoyed with myself. The conditions were difficult. But I get so much out of it, I have to go out on the mountain.

You’re a snow board pro, you compete successfully in contests, you do photo shootings for different brands. How do you train?
I don’t train, I just snowboard. Since leaving the ÖSV (Austrian Skiing Federation), I think: this is not a sport that you train for, it’s a lifestyle. I go out on my board. When the motivation’s right, I do my tricks, when I’m not feeling so good, I just cruise for a bit. In my opinion, every minute that I’m standing on my board is a kind of training.

What’s your best trick?
The One Foot Back Flip. There aren’t many people in the world who can do it apart from me. You have one foot outside the binding when you do it.