He is a trained lawyer, loves his home region and is looking out for the future of agriculture in Paznaun. Talking to Trisanna today: Otmar Juen, farmers` representative.

Dr. Otmar Juen

52, born in See

Place of residence

Western Regional Chair for the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture

Married to Manuela since 1994.
Daughter Andrea, born in1995, and son Bernhard, born in 1997.

As farmers’ representative, how do you see the future for small-scale farming in Paznaun?
Small-scale farming has a chance of survival first and foremost when society respects and honours far more the intrinsic services it provides. It shouldn’t simply be taken for granted that, despite compensation payments from the EU, federal and state governments, the majority of mountain pastures are still farmed, in the form of overwintering cattle from livestock holdings, that fields and meadows are mowed sustainably, and the woods thinned out. The most honest and far-reaching appreciation of farmers’ services is probably when their products and services reach the end consumer directly, and these consumers are prepared to pay a fair and honest price for them.

Regionality is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. Does a secure income from regional products, for example in high-end gastronomy, provide farmers in the valley with a basis to continue their activities?
Thank you for this question. I’d like to put on record some facts about this term “regionality”, which has been used recently by many retail chains in particular in their advertising: more than twenty years ago, we first recognised the great opportunity regionality offers with the wordmark “From the region – for the region”. It’s vital that locally-produced food products can be bought directly so that producers and farmers can be properly appreciated. And on the other hand, this creates an invaluable motivation for our farming business leaders to continue their businesses in the future despite so many regulatory and financial requirements and difficulties.

Galtür mountain cheese is currently a flagship product. Which other Paznaun products should also be considered, in your opinion?
Pasture milk, produced from hay still largely harvested by hand, on farms which don’t use silo food

Your favourite expression in the Paznaun dialect?
salt (yourself)

What’s your favourite meal?
Meat loaf, cooked by my wife Manuela

Your favourite place in Paznaun?
Bieler Höhe (Stausee)

Describe the people of Paznaun as a race:
Hard-working, closely connected to their homeland, proud of what they achieve themselves

If See were an animal, which would it be?
A goat

With what drink do you toast to a successful project?
A glass of schnapps (rowanberry)

Your favourite colour in winter?

The See ski area in one word?
Small but beautiful..

Your favourite language during the season?
The Paznaun dialect

Where do you find a moment of peace?
In summer in the back garden, otherwise fox hunting

Your favourite song with a Paznaun connection?
“Paznauner Lied” (high mountain peaks surround the valley…)

The most important winter accessory?
Felt boots

The best time of day?
Six o’clock in the morning

The most important change in the last ten years?
The Internet