Günther Zangerl is 43 and grew up in Ischgl, before going to Innsbruck for many years for work. Now the qualified lawyer is back. And in one of the most important positions in all Pazanun, at that. He speaks with Trisanna about joy and responsibilty.



Günther, since April 2018 you’ve been on the board of directors of the Silvretta Seilbahn AG cable railway company – a great responsibility.
That’s right. It is a company which is extremely important for the region, which creates jobs, and provides for infrastructure and further development. It is really a great responsibility, but it also has a good side.

You worked in Innsbruck for some 15 years now in different departments as a civil servant for the state of Tyrol – a good, secure job. But you still applied for your new job. How did that come about?
It was really because of this particular opportunity, a unique opportunity, I believe. The job was advertised and I knew that I had to try for it. I would have regretted it, somehow, if I hadn’t tried. I come from Ischgl itself, after all, and I know what’s behind it and what it’s all about.

I’ve heard it’s not the first time that you’ve worked at the cableway.
That’s right, a long time ago as a young man, I worked there in the summer. I painted signs and went down the slopes. And to be honest, even back then I thought how great it would be to be on the board of directors!

After such a long time, you’re back in Ischgl now. What does your homeland mean to you?
The feeling of being at home was a very signifciant part of my decision to come back. I want to do something for my region, for my village, that’s the challenge I’ve set myself. That I’m back now where I grew up, where my parents still live – that’s something special and wonderful.

When you think of the future, what do you wish for?
For the cableway, I wish for it to continue working as it has done until now. That it continues to develop positively, that we can provide work for people and keep creating value. And I hope we can continue to be an exemplary company, one which helps to shape winter sports and not just follow the crowd.