She’s twelve years old, goes to school at the Neue Mittelschule Paznaun, and can ski really well. Lara Wolf  is her role model, and ice-blue is her favourite coulour in winter. A Trisanna portrait of Emma Partoll. Click on the title for the full interview. With photos by Philipp Horak.

Emma  Partoll

12, born in Zams

Place of residence
Kappl, where she’s in the second sport class at the Neue Mittelschule Paznaun

Mother Karoline, father Enrico, sister Milla (born in 2009)

How did you get into freestyle skiing?
Through my friend Loris, who’s been freestyling for a long time

Who’s your role model?
Lara Wolf, who also comes from Kappl

What would like to be when you grow up?
It has to be something to do with sport, in any case.

Are you already entering competitions? 
Yes, I’m taking part in the Oberlandtour

What’s your favourite expresssion in the Paznaun dialect?
Neni and Nale (grandma and grandpa)

Your favourite food?
Pizza and lasagne

Cooked by your mum?
My mum’s cooking is always really good

 What’s your favourite spot in Paznaun?
The ski area in Kappl

If Kappl were an animal, what would it be?
An eagle

What’s your favourite colour in winter?

What are your favourite ski areas?
Kappl, Ischgl and the Kaunertaler Gletscher

What’s your favourite language after the Paznaun dialect?
I want to learn Spanish

Where and how can you best relax?
Listening to cool music in my bed

The most important winter accessory?
A hat

Your favourite time of day?
Early evening

What’s the most important change in the past few years?
Switching from skiing to freestyle