He is calm and cool-headed, never loud. And he pulls the strings moving tourism in Paznaun into the future: Dietmar Walser, managing director of the Paznaun-Ischgl TVB tourism association.


Dietmar Walser

39, born in Zams

Place of residence

Managing director of the Paznaun-Ischgl tourism association

Married to Maria since 2010.
Sons: Adrian, born in 2006, and Nathan, born in 2015

Tell us how your career led you to become the managing director of the tourism association.
I gained my high school certificate at the Landeck commercial academy in 1998. Then I worked at first for the Heymich-Tschiderer Hotels in Serfaus. I continued my studies at the Management Center Innsbruck, before going to the Kaunertaler Glacier Ski Resort in 2004. I started work at the Paznaun-Ischgl tourism association in 2005. I began as a coordinator with focused principally on the merger of the local tourism associations, and am now managing director with responsibility for the staff, finances, product development and infrastructure.

How would you summarize the recent winter season in Ischgl?
It was an excellent season throughout Paznaun. Once again!

With a fantastic final concert with Helene Fischer. Could that event ever be bettered?
We have set the bar very high indeed with Helene Fischer. But anyone who knows us knows that we look for the very best artists every year.

What plans are in the pipeline for the upcoming summer season in Iscghl and Paznaun?
Continuing to develop the cycle paths in Paznaun, the completion of the Flimjoch trail, and the general refurbishment and expansion of the tourism association building in Ischgl

What is your favourite expression in the Paznaun dialect?
Guxa (snow wind)

Your favourite meal?
Paznaun veal, cooked by Paznaun chefs.

Your favourite place in Paznaun?
Friedrichshafener Hut (above Mathon).

Describe the people of Ischgl as a race
Ambitious, hard-working and honest

If Ischgl were an animal, what would it be?
A big cat

With what drink do you toast to a successful season?
Red wine 

What’s your favourite colour in summer?

The Silvretta Arena in one word?

Your favourite language during the season?
It’s so international, so no one language in particular.  

Where do you find a moment of peace?
When I’m mountain biking

Your favourite song with a Paznaun connection?
“Let me Entertain you” by Helene Fischer (the end of season concert on Idalpe in 2018) 

What’s the most important accessory in the summer?
Good mountain boots

Your favourite time of day?
8 o’clock in the morning

The most important changes of the last ten years?
Professionally: the digitalization of everything, everywhere
Privately: the birth of my two sons.