He used to be a master baker. He’s been mayor of See for 29 years. The community of See is close to Anton Mallaun’s heart. Trisanna meets him for an interview.


Anton Mallaun

68, born in See,

Place of residence

Retired master baker, married to Martha since 1977

You are the longest-serving mayor in Paznaun, how long have you been in office?
I have been mayor for 29 years now. If I complete the current legislative period, it will be 33 years in total.

How is the community of See different from other Paznaun communities?
With around 2000 guest beds, we aren’t a major tourism centre like Ischgl, for example, but over the past 50 years, the population has nevertheless doubled from around 650 to around 1 300.

What have been the most important decisions in the municipality in the past ten years?
The expansion of the ski area, the development of a residential area with around 20 houses and an industrial estate, the construction of 30 rental apartments, and the completion of the swimming lake in 2011 after a ten-year process

See in one phrase:
Quality of life

What is the basis of the village community?
Around 30 voluntary associations

How should the municipality of See develop in the next ten years?
The developments to date should be maintained, and should grow healthily so that the next generation’s livelihood is secured. In terms of skiing, connecting to the sun plateau.

What role does tourism play in the community?
A very important one, as it ensures the economic income of a large part of the population.

Where do the locals meet up in See?
In the village pubs and in the association and club houses.

What advertising slogan best characterises the place?
Holiday with friends

What’s the most important quality a mayor should have?
To be able to listen, to have a sympathetic ear for people’s concerns, and to make objective decisions.

What does to take to be on an informal you (du) basis with you?
At over 1000m everyone is on an informal you basis anyway.

What is the most beautiful time of year for you?
Every season has its own particular appeal for me.

What is your favourite word in the Paznaun dialect?
Schölfalar (jacket potatoes, my favourite meal)

What’s your favourite place in See/Paznaun?
In the community centre, which is also where I live

What have been the most important (personal) changes for you in the past ten years?
The newly-built primary school, music school, kindergarten and a creche. Seeing through the construction of the swimming lake. Coping with several natural disasters (rock slide, flood, mud slide). Various protective structures to keep the residents safe.