She comes from Kappl and is making waves in Vienna right now. Paznaun’s Andrea Kerber, 24, has launched her own fashion label Vis a Vis, combining sporting influences from her homeland with city chic – handicraft with vision. She opened up her workshop for Trisanna.


Andrea Kerber

24, born in Innsbruck

Place of residence

Independent fashion designer. Primary and secondary school in Kappl, Ferrarischule Innsbruck technical college studying fashion with high school leaving exam in 2013

Mum Martina, Dad Egon, brother Benedikt (born in 1992)



What was behind your decision to go into fashion?
My creativity and my passion for fabrics and materials.

What are your most important influences? And role models?
Influences: my urban environment. Role model and muse: Caroline de Maigret

What should a well-designed piece of clothing be like?
It should be comfortable and versatile.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
With my own Vis a Vis store in Vienna.

Has Paznaun, with its world of traditional costumes and sports fashions, influenced your work?
Yes, over and over again. Sports fashions mostly.

What’s your favourite expression in the Paznaun dialect?
Hofali (careful)

What’s your favourite meal?
Beef goulash with my mum’s homemade spätzle noodles

Your favourite place in Paznaun?
Auf der Dias (above Kappl)

Describe the people of Paznaun as a race
Diligent and hard-working



If Kappl were an animal, what would it be?
A marmot

With what drink do you toast to a successful project?
A white wine sprizter

Your favourite colour in winter?
Bottle green  

The Kappl ski area in one word?

Your favourite language?
The Viennese dialect



Where can you find a moment’s peace?
At home in Kappl in my childhood bedroom

What’s your favourite song with a Paznaun connection?
“Lass mich nie mehr los” by Sportsfreunde Stiller (Easter 2010 at Idalpe)

The most important accessory in winter?
Thick, warm, homemade socks

Your favourite time of day?
The end of the working day between 18.00 and 19.00