Menschen im Paznaun: Alois Ladner

TRISANNA regularly meets up with people who live in Paznaun. And who give the landscape its face. Today: Alois Ladner. Photos by Philipp Horak

Alois Ladner


Place of residence

Master carpenter/entrepreneur

My favourite place in Paznaun
Durrich Alpe above Kappl

What’s so special about it?
It’s idyllic, it’s as if time has stood still here

My favourite expression in the Paznaun dialect?
Trimsler (a person who is rather clumsy and slow, but nice)

My favourite meal?
A rustic snack in the mountains

Prepared by my wife Jacqueline

Skiing or snowboarding?

Hiking or mountain-climbing?

Best ski run: when, where and why:
I don’t have one because I’m a “Sunday” skier

Favourite peak in Paznaun?
Pezinerspitze above Langesthei (2 550m)

And in the wider world?

Three reasons why life in Paznaun is better than anywhere else?
The sense of home you have from birth, the people who live here,
the earnings potential.

Describe Paznaun in one word:
Traditional valley with unpredictable natural forces

Describe the Paznauners in one word:  

What’s a typical Paznauner characteristic:
Honest, faithful and above all stubborn.

How has Paznaun changed during your lifetime? For better or for worse?
All in all only for the better, be it in the economy, in gastronomy,
in tourism, in job security, in a safer space to live or the higher standards
of living in all areas. Although it has meant that a sense of cosiness
has mostly been left by the wayside.

Your greatest wish for the future?
Privately, good health for us all. In the valley, more consensus on tourism. Globally, peace in the world.