Up until the year 2000, the drag lift up the Bodenalp provided a good service. TRISANNA has a couple of final photos and memories.

Only friendly foreign visitors actually called it a “drag lift”. The locals knew, of course, that a “tug” was nothing more than a “tug,” and that at one particular moment in the journey up the mountain, it needed a certain fundamental feeling. Winter sports pros remember how the drag lifts of the sixties and seventies – the photo above of the Bodenalm lift dates by the way from 1975 – could show a really vicious side.

No sooner had the friendly service personnel put the bar gently under the swing of the passenger’s posterior, then the cable connecting the bar with the transport cable tightened and set the lift passenger in motion. With a jerk. If the winter sportsperson was faint of heart and light of weight, this jerk could see them say farewell not just to the track, but to their ski boots, too – arousing sympathy or merriment in the onlookers, depending on how callous they were.

Today, the time of the drag lifts belongs mostly to the past. Since 2000, the Bodenalp lift has been a fixed-grip four-person charilift, 726m long and with a carrying capacity of 1 615 passengers per hour.