515 expertly-prepared hectares of slopes are waiting to be skied down in Ischgl. That sounds pretty impressive, but how big is that really? We’ve made a few comparisons.

515 hectares. Let’s start with the easiest. 515 hectares is really big. It’s roughly as big as the ski area in Sölden (only joking, the ski area in Ischgl is obviously much bigger). So, 515 hectares is as big as…

… 730 football pitches. That means that all the games played in Austria in one weekend, from the Federal League right down to the Tyrolean 2nd Class West, could take place side by side. (Then almost 16,000 players and referees would have to go up into the mountains, which the Silvretta cableway could manage in a couple of minutes).

… half the size of Lake Ossiach in Carinthia (but a lot cooler and with far fewer caravans), and twice as big as the Vienna city centre. So, as big as the first district. Although we think that Ischgl’s a bit more diverse.

… the Ischgl ski area is exactly the same size as the southern Burgenland wine-growing region of Eisenberg, which extends from Rechnitz in the north to Güssing in the south. The Eisenberg is famous for its very authentic Blaufränkisch red wine, but there are also a few hand-picked white wines. And then of course Uhudler wine. There are 291 wineries across the entire area of the Eisenberg, the same surface area as the Ischgl ski area. So not very many more than Ischgl’s total kilometres of piste.

… half of the ski area is a big as the city state of Monaco. In other words, Monaco would fit twice into Ischgl. We would have no problem with that, but how would the Formula 1 Grand Prix work? Would Sebastian Vettel and the rest do their laps in snow mobiles? Or with snow groomers?

1.3 million double beds. If you covered the entire ski area with beds, the total populations of Munich, Cologne and Graz (yes, why not?) could spend the night on the mountain in Ischgl all at the same time. The cableway would need a bit longer to get them up the mountain though. And, incidentally, it would be 245 times more guest beds than Ischgl has offer.