Want to feel like Marcel Hirscher for once and fly down the slope under the floodlights? Today would be your chance to do so: with See’s traditional nighttime skiing.

Skiing under the floodlights is a very special experience. It’s much more intense than normal skiing. This is the case in World Cup races: not for nothing are there more spectators along the route in Schladming at a night race than at a normal World Cup race, and you can feel this very special atmosphere if you watch the race on television, too.

And night skiing is a particularly intense experience if you yourself have strapped on your skis. Why so? First of all, the air: in the evening, when the sun has gone down, it’s colder. It crackles with cold, and when you go really fast, then the airflow almost bites into the exposed parts of your face. It sounds strange, but it’s wonderful. Above all because it’s just the airflow, and not a squall of wind.

Then there’s the snow. It’s colder, less liquid, the edges of the skis have a better grip, and it makes for a carving experience difficult to find elsewhere. Then there’s the floodlight, which illuminates the slope perfectly, it seems a little surreally yellow (and not only if you have a yellow filter on your ski goggles, Ed.) – but you can really see each wave, much better than during the day.

And then of course there’s the piste itself. It’s always freshly prepared by the snow groomers before the night skiing begins. The only other time it’s in this condition is at 9 a.m, before the first skiiers have carved over it. And it stays like this much longer, too, because there are considerably less people on the slopes during night skiing.

And that’s probably the best thing about night skiing: the slopes are free the entire time.

Tip: Today in See you have the chance once again to make yourself feel like Marcel Hirscher. From 19.30 to 22.30, you can go night skiing in See. At 20.30 the ski school presents its legendary Fire & Ice Show. From 21.00, there’s a hut evening with a DJ in the Panorama Restaurant. And if you don’t want to go skiing, you can try the excellent night tobogganing. The toboggan run is illuminated until 23.00.