They are beautiful, practical and elegant. Maps from Marmotamaps cover all the ski resorts in the Alps – and look wonderful, too. And Marmota will soon be working exclusively with Trisanna!

If you think of Hamburg, you think of fish sandwiches, of big container ships and the cranes in the harbour. If you think of Hamburg, the mountains don’t necessarily spring to mind, let alone the Alpine peaks. But perhaps that’s why in Hamburg in particular a sense of longing for the mountains can be so much greater.

This was the case, for example, with the journalist and start-up founder Stefan Spiegel. As a fan of the mountains and an enthusiastic skier, he was looking for a map of the Alps which would also show him the ski slopes. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to make one himself.

Journalist and start-up founder Stefan Spiegel
Graphic designer Lana Bragina drew the maps by hand.

So together with graphic designer Lana Bragina, he began to research. “We underestimated how complicated it is,” says Lana Bragina. They compiled an enormous amount of information on the routes. Lana drew the ski resorts, which are shown to scale in their basic contours, by hand.

Harmonious design with useful information
Overall distribution of the ski resorts by length of slopes
Complete list of all ski resorts
Breakdown of the Alpine area
Graphic designer Lana Bragina and journalist Stefan Spiegel

The result is a truly beautiful map measuring 1m 40cm by 1m – and their own business. As interest was so great, the Hamburg pair immediately designed a whole range of other maps of the Alps. There is a great nostalgic longing for the Alps and their ski resorts. And apparently it gets greater the further away people are from them: “The majority of our orders come from Great Britain and Holland,” says Lana Bragina.

Trisanna and Marmota are working together this summer – and will present the fascinating results exclusively for Trisanna’s readers!