Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are some mornings when we need it just to get going. And there are some mornings when we expect a true miracle from our breakfast. On the Sunday after the ski opening, for example. We have an idea for every breakfast type.

For the morning grouch:
Nutritionists recommend a warm breakfast in particular for those people who normally need a bit longer to get the day started. Porridge or polenta are especially well suited, and are even healthier when you add a bit of fruit. The body needs less energy to digest a warm breakfast – leaving energy to spare for other things. And you feel full for longer, too.

For the breakfast emperor:
Whilst some people can’t manage more than a coffee in the morning, for others, breakfast is a feast. But if you’re going skiing afterwards, that feast should end at least an hour beforehand. An ideal breakfast combines protein, fats and carbohydrate. A vegetable omelette with some wholemeal bread, for example, is pretty much perfect. And a banana afterwards doesn’t just provide a quick source of energy, it also satisfies your appetite for something sweet.

When you’re in a hurry:
It’s not ideal, but it does happen: the alarm doesn’t go off, your ski course is starting in a moment and you really have to hurry. This is the time for optimisation: if you’ve been jolted awake like this, you can do without coffee’s fast-working effect. Green tea has just as much caffeine, but is effective for longer. A croissant in your hand, a bit of nougat cream in the pocket of your ski suit, and two or three grapes for a quick sugar hit. Off you go!

When the night before was longer than normal:
The human race just cannot agree on a hangover breakfast. Some people swear by eggs, others by salty fish, and still others squeeze lemon juice into an espresso. However, to be on the safe side we recommend a lye bread pretzel with salt and butter. Salt provides minerals, lye helps your kidneys, and butter is a fat which is easy to digest.