It might be a bit early still to be thinking about the winter, but sometimes you just have to: as of today, you see, we know which band will be opening the winter season in Ischgl at the Top of the Mountain concert on 30 November. Seeed, the massive group from Berlin. “Seeed” is band which once made Peter Fox famous. The band with three “e”s instead of two, which apparently stand for “Enuff”, “Ear” and “Eased”, the nicknames of three of the band members. The band from downtown Berlin known for its unique mix of reggae and dance hall sounds. Seeed, then, will open the winter in Ischgl this year, following in the footsteps of international mega-acts such as Jason Derulo. It might be a bit weird to be already looking forward to the winter on one of the hottest days of the year, but Seeed is worth getting excited about. Because when they play live, there’s normally a whole big busy scene to enjoy. The jangles and rattles are not just because of all the metal in the drums and trumpets gathered on the stage, but also because the band are total movement junkies who turn their stage into a running track. If you look too closely, it’ll definitely make you dizzy – but never ever bored. Despite the loss of their frontman Demba Nabe, who died unexpectedly in the summer of 2018, Seeed has gone ahead with the 2019 tour, despite all the speculation. “We have to carry on. I think he would want that, too,” said Frank Dellé, one of the only two frontmen remaining in the band now. We’ll only find out what comes next when the tour kicks off. But a first single from the new album is already here. The song is called “Ticket”, which can’t be a coincidence. Many concerts on the autumn tour were already sold out within 30 minutes, as the “Tagesspiegel” newspaper reported. If you desperately want a ticket yourself – well, in Ischgl at least, you don’t need one. A day ski pass for 30 November is all you need. But you do have to get to Ischgl’s Idalp at 6pm punctually after the final lift.