Nina Wolf from Ischgl is 21 years old, studies in Höchst on Lake Constance, and was crowned Miss Vorarlberg last year. She tells Trisanna about her childhood dream, being nervous before appearances and being supported by her family. Last year you were crowned Miss Vorarlberg. What’s changed since then?
At first, not so much changed, all the big excitement is over now. But people still come up and speak to me now. I’m often asked in the supermarket if I’m the new Miss Vorarlberg. A man once recognized m, when I was buying a tunnel ticket to go through the Arlberg Tunnel. He was really beaming. I have to say that it’s great when you can make people happy like that, without really doing anything. Apart from that, I’m often invited to events and have had some modelling work.

Becoming a beauty queen sounds like a childhood dream. Was it like that for you?
Yes, it was always a dream. When I was still a little girl, one of my mother’s friends told me, “You’re so pretty, you’ll definitely be a beauty queen one day.” That made me really happy, of course, but I never really believed it. When she then died, I thought I would give it a go for her sake, I didn’t have anything to lose. And look, now I’m Miss Vorarlberg.
Did your parents support you?
So of course I asked them first of all what they thought about it. I don’t do anything anyway without their support. But they want the best for me, they want me to be happy, so they let do me a lot. What, for example?
At the weekends I work with my parents in the hotel, but if I have to take part in a fashion show, they let me have the time off. And they also talk to me and encourage me in everything I do. They trust me, and let me live how I want to. My education, though, was really important to my mother.
You’ve been studying in Feldkirch to be a teacher of German and English for two years now. You commute between Höchst in Vorarlberg and Ischgl. Are you sad when you leave Ischgl?
I’m not sad, although I really like being in Ischgl. I love it here in Paznaun. The landscape, the air, but mostly because my family and friends are here. In the winter I couldn’t imagine anywhere better, there’s so much going on here. If you go through the town, you always meet someone. It’s not like that everywhere, which I only realised when I went away. That’s the good thing about being away for a longer time: you notice how great it is at home and are happy to come back. What about the young people in Ischgl – do many of them, like you, go away to study?
Yes, I do think that many of the young people go way. They want to see the world, or to study somewhere else. My best friend, for example, studied in London. But I hope that they then come back again after a while.