Gault-Millau awarded more toques – the equivalent of Michelin stars – to Ischgl’s high-end culinary scene this year than ever before, a total of 25. This is partly because of a new assessment system, but mostly because there is nowhere that takes fine dining as seriously as Paznaun. An overview. 25 toques. More than ever before in the history of Ischgl. That’s how many toques the renowned gourmet guide Gault Millau has awarded to Paznaun’s chefs in its 2020 edition – marking Ischgl out as the centre of high level gastronomy. Okay, so part of the reason that there’s been so many toques this year is because the guide has changed its assessment criteria, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there are more top chefs in Ischgl per inhabitant than anywhere else in Austria. And so you don’t lose track, here’s a complete list of the Ischgl chefs with toques in 2020 – and how many they each have: Four toques:
  • Stüva – Benjamin Parth, Chef of the Year 2019, find out more about him here – 18.5 points
  • Paznaunerstube – Martin Sieberer, and there’s a video showing him doing more than just working here – 18 points  
  • Schlossherrenstube – Gustav Jantscher, insider info here – 18 points
  • Stiar – Gunther Döberl, have a look here – 17 points
Three toques:
  • Fliana Gourmet – Andreas Spitzer, see him cooking and hear him speak here – 15.5 points
  • Heimatbühne – Martin Sieberer – 15 points
One toque:
  • Lucy Wang – Raphael Herzog – 12.5 points  
  • Weinstube – René Schettulat – 12 points
  • Alpenhaus – Christian Törf – 11.5 points