Zegg und Cerlati Ischgl presents the Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic. With this watch, Hublot have made the impossible possible and created the first coloured ceramic.

Always unique, always different. With a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide, the new Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic demonstrates once more Hublot’s ability to continue creating new materials. The red ceramic is innovative in multiple ways, in particular in terms of the manufacturing process and the special characteristics of the material.

This ceramic is even harder and more resilient due to its red colour. It is produced in a patented process where the ceramic is sintered at a particular combination of heat and pressure without burning the pigments.

Now this hurdle in the complicated production process has been overcome, Hublot will be able to create ceramics in many other colours in the future.

The colour red, standing for power and passion, is just the first!