Four tips to make sure your children collapse exhausted into bed in the evening – and dream happily of their adventures.

1The superhero feeling
There are some inventions which override the rules of life a little and give even the smallest the feeling that they’re actually really big. E-bikes, for example. Children from the age of six or seven can use them without any difficulty – and can then reach somewhere like the Jamtalhütte or the Heidelberger Hütte with comparative ease. The latter is particularly ideal for an outing with children as the way up there is relatively flat. They’ll still be proud to have made it there, though.

2Conquering fears
Children love challenges. Whether in the Sunny Mountain rope course in Kappl, climbing or bouldering in Galtür, or on the hanging bridges of the adventure hiking trail to the Ischgler Idalp – kids always really enjoy it when things get tricky or take a bit of effort. Because they pause for a moment before trying out something new, and then they realise just how much they’re capable of.

3With lots of new expert knowledge
If you’ve ever been on a long car journey with children, you know that there’s no end to their questions. Especially in areas which they don’t know like the backs of their own hands, their curiosity is boundless. How is cheese actually made? How do the cows actually get up the mountain? What kind of plant is that? And can I eat it? Happily, you can find all the answers in the alpine dairies and on the Sunny Mountain herb path in Kappl,

4Perfectly refreshed
Jumping into a lake is always wonderful. Jumping into a lake after a hike, though, is incomparably more wonderful. Even the most tired feet suddenly perk up. The Schwarzwasser lake in Ischgl, for example, is ideal for this – and can also be reached with a pram or buggy.