Jason Derulo will be live on our show stage this evening. What kind of person is he? We need to find out – ideally by asking him directly:

We’ve heard that you’re particularly looking forward to Ischgl. Why?
I always set myself new targets that I want to reach. Sometimes they’re small plans, sometimes big ones. It just motivates me. I have a picture in my head and try to make it happen.

Can you let us know which songs you’re going to play?
No, I’m still at the decision stage. It’s a really difficult process. Right now, I’ve narrowed it down to a selection of 22 songs.

Maybe just one song we can really look forward to?
It’s difficult to make the right choice, because lots of the songs I’ve written are very different from each other. Which is why I’ve asked for other opinions, too. I played my songs to people and watched their reactions very closely, and the songs which have conveyed the most emotion are the ones I then chose.

Why exactly is winter your favourite season?
I really thing that it’s an adult thing. I was 19 when I brought out my first album, now I’m 25. It’s a completely different perspective.

Whilst we’re on the subject: how important is skiing to you?
Really important. We need a distraction and something to look forward to, something we can get excited about. Sport offers all of that. Children dream about becoming successful players one day, show love to their favourite players and favourite clubs. Sport just brings so much joy.

What’s your personal favourite song?
“Colors”, of course.

Which singer do you really like?
I listen to a lot of Madonna, because my mum was a big fan. She listens more to the quieter, grown-up Madonna, but I only really got into to it when I discovered the crazy, up-tempo pop Madonna.

Are you addicted to anything?
Yes – you can never have enough shoes. And I change my outfits so often that I do need a big selection. I’m totally a sneaker addict.

What can fans look forward in particular to seeing at your shows?
I can already say that the costumes will really be on a whole new level. The whole production is super, and the show is almost like a stage play. I have some of the best dancers and musicians with me on tour. It will just be a huge spectacle.

Will you have a bit of time for partying after your concert, or do have to carry on working straightaway?
Work hard, play hard. I love clubs, I love loud music, I love alcohol, mixing it up is where the fun is. I love loud music, alcohol and women. That’s the best mix.

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