The witches’ hole in Gorfenwald is a mysterious place. Sigmund Wolfart, Senior Head of Intersport in Galtür, has written a book of short stories about it – or rather, about the witch Jakobina. He shares the most popular one with Trisanna.

Curious Jakobina finds a mobile phone.

Our witch looks forward to every new day. She has everything she needs in her cave. Why does she have such beautiful shoes? We’ll talk about that later.  Jakobina has a right royal breakfast again today. She enjoys the tasty pine cone hearts, which she had earlier roasted. She has fresh milk from the horticulturists’ cows, which she milked on the mountain pasture the evening before.

Now she goes for a stroll. The path into Jamtal is still a little wet, and it smells of fresh green buds. She carefully avoids the slippery stones, as a cow from the mountain pasture must have suffered from diarrhoea yesterday.
But what’s that, lying there next to the yellow arnica flowers? Jakobina is both cautious and curious. So, because no one is watching her, and because she has overcome her fear, she picks up the little grey box and quickly puts it into her petticoat pocket.

Back in her cave, Jakobina now begins to examine this mysterious thing in secret. You can press it and push it, turn it and smell it. The thing lies there like a piece of wood. She examines this magic brick the whole day long.

In the evening, whilst the soup simmers, a funny musical sound comes out of the strange little box.
Alarmed, she holds her breath.
But one minute later, all is still.

There are 27 entertaining short stories about this very special place in the book “Jakobina, the witch of Galtür”. The author, Sigmund “Sigi” Wolfahart from Galtür, is 74 years old, and shares his knowledge of his region once a week in a free walk to the most beautiful viewpoints in Galtür.

The book costs 39 euros and can be bought at Intersport Wolfart in Galtür.

All about the witches’ hole: the people of Galtür invented the witches’ hole to stop children from going into the 20 metre-long, crumbling tunnel. Today it’s become a popular site to visit. In the summer months there’s a guided hike every Wednesday to the cave. Exciting stories included!