If anything’s ruining your fun as you weave your way down the slopes, then – other than ski boots which pinch – it’s poor vision. A good pair of ski goggles is part of the standard skiing kit, that’s for sure. But they don’t just have to protect our eyes, they need to look amazing, too. We present you the coolest ski goggles of the season.

One for everyone: Atomic Revent Q

With the new Revent Q, Atomic has designed what they describe themselves as the best ski goggles ever to have left their workshop. And we have to admit, they’re a real all-rounder.  Whether in sunshine or a snowstorm, the Revent Q offers optimal vision protection in any weather conditions. This is due to what’s called the “Quick Click Slice, a special mechanism known as the Quick Click Lens, a special mechanism which changes the lenses to react to different light conditions. The medium frame fits any face shape and features tri-layer foam.

Advance vision: POC Orb Clarity

Anyone who wants to enjoy the breathtaking panorama to the full would be well-advised to go for the POC Orb Clarity. The lenses are curved, so the field of vision is extended.  The increase in contrast and light intensity are also designed to improve vision. The Orb Clarity comes in three versions: one for sunny conditions, one for days of sun and cloud, and one for days with very bad weather conditions.

High fashion with Chanel

If you don’t want to forego haut couture on the slopes, then you’ll definitely be on the right track with Chanel’s new ski goggles. Chanel designs a new pair of ski goggles every year as part of their winter collection. And every year it’s a must have for all ski-loving celebrities and fashionistas. But the Chanel goggles can do much more than just looking good: the double lenses with a thermo barrier prevent condensation build up, as no cold air can get inside.

The over-goggles: Cebe EXO OTG

Every glasses-wearer knows the dilemma: your ski goggles don’t fit over your glasses, they slip or pinch or rattle. A nightmare! Manufacturer Cebe aim to change all that with the EXO OTG model by making ski goggles with recesses at the sides. So you first put on the frames of the ski googles, and then clip your glasses in the notches provided. The convex-shaped lenses provide the ski goggles with depth, and the glasses sitting below it have enough space. An innovation which even won the ISPO Award, a prize for winter sports equipment.