In the winter, Ischgl is the centre for cool concerts. But music is played here in the summer, too – it just sounds a bit different. An overview of the concert highlights coming up in the next months. They’ve been to Canada and to Russia, they’ve been to Sweden and Switzerland, they’ve been to Poland, Cyprus, France, Italy, and even to Libya (okay, that was a long time ago). They always wore a uniform, and even though they were completely unarmed, they created quite a stir each time: the gentlemen of the Militär Musik Tirol (Tyrolean Military Band). You can now experience all they have to offer here in Ischgl, too: on June 14 at 20.30, they’re performing at the opening summer concert in the Ischgl Pavilion. It promises to be pretty spectacular concert, as Militär Musik Tirol are among the established greats of Tyrolean brass bands. Since 2016, 15 professional musicians have played in the Tyrolean uniform, each with 30 military conscripts, making it a kind of large-scale training centre for the Tyrolean music scene. Under the direction of Hannes Apfolterer, the orchestra plays the whole repertoire of military marches. And for fans of brass band music, it’s a good starting point for an eventful summer in Ischgl. There are weekly performances in the Pavilion from June 14, including all the various music bands in the valley as well as fellow musicians from St. Anton am Arlberg. On July 18 the ladies and gentlemen of the Tyrolean Symphonic Brass Orchestra will perform in the Pavilion, followed a week later by the military band of the German armed forces.