We don’t want to argue about the point or pointlessness of the selfie phenomenon – we have nothing really to add to the debate. But what we can do is give you a couple of tips on how to take the perfect selfie.


Selfies look best when you use natural daylight. The light should come from the front to avoid shadows on your face.

Strike a pose

The trick is keeping it natural. Be authentic and smile into the camera. But be careful that it doesn’t look like too strained. A good tip is to hold the smartphone over your head at an angle of around 45°.

Links oder rechts

The left side of the face is everyone’s best side. Other people can pick up on your emotions more clearly from this side. If you photograph the left half of your face, you seem more likable. If you want to look particularly clever, then take a photo of your right side. Please don’t think too much about why this is true – it just is.


With selfies, too, a filter really is a must. The Vsco app is great for this, and its basic version is free. Just download and find the right filter.