Today the Trisanna photo editor shows you how to write a message in the sky with Light Painting – and which apps you need for it. So you can send your friends and followers another little farewell message at the end of the year. (Or of course a “Welcome to 2019” as well)

Important: your smartphone needs a time exposure function for Light Painting! Most smartphones (Samsung, Huawei or HTC) let you choose the exposure time completely by yourself. So you can photograph fireworks, for example, for several minutes or hours. If you have an iPhone or another mobile phone which doesn’t have this function, there are a couple of apps which let you do it, such as the Long Exposure Camera 2 for Android, or Slow Shutter Cam and Slow Shutter for the iPhone.

And this is how it works:
For Light Paiting, it’s best to use a tripod, because you need to keep your phone still for several seconds. Then get a light – it could be a cigarette lighter, a torch or a sparkler. When you’ve pressed the button, stand in front of the camera, turn on the light and write in the darkness in front of your camera. It could look something like this:


You might need a few attempts to get the right distance from the camera, and at first you need to get a feel for how much space you have to write a word. But at some point, you’ll get it right – and it will look fantastic! So a very Happy New Year to you!