If you were just on mineral water yesterday, off you go, out into the mountains, the slopes are sure to be emptier now! But if you saw the old year off in style, here are a couple of tricks to get you skiing today all the same.

Yes, we know, alcohol dehydrates you, toxins are more difficult to remove, the muscle cells don’t receive enough nutrients. This causes headaches and, when it’s particularly bad, we feel terrible. What can we do about it?

Drink a lot. One litre or more of liquid allows the body to eliminate toxins more quickly. The best is green tea, which cleans the liver and helps to break down alcohol faster. Fructose can also help – in honey or tomato juice, for example. And an extra portion of vitamin C is helpful as well, as it also regenerates the liver.

Which brings us to this New Year’s Day cocktail: one litre of green tea, slightly cooled, with a shot of lemon juice and several spoons of honey. It doesn’t just taste good, it also helps ease the pain.

And eating helps too, of course. Any remaining alcohol is best absorbed with fatty, salty food. Carp or roast chicken break up and eliminate the alcohol in the morning. Admittedly, that might not be to everyone’s taste first thing in the morning – you can also try artichokes, beetroot, carrots and spinach.

Which is quite a lot to manage in the morning.