Winter sports enthusiasts have guessed it: most accidents happen, and most injuries occur, on the third day of the holiday. A phenomenon which can be explained – and then avoided. Here are the facts.

Insurance companies and ski clubs talk about it – and prove it – time after time: the third day is the most dangerous for winter sports fans who only enjoy their hobby for a few days each year. This is when the most accidents happen, and when injuries are most often sustained.

What sounds like a curse placed over Alpine sports enthusiasts by some mountain spirit or other actually has a very human cause – and one which can be found in the mind as much as in the body.

the third day is predestined to be the day on which we feel super. any early difficulities on skis and on the cross-country trails have been overcome. everything’s working well.

We dare to take the difficult slopes, the tighter bends and the steeper lines. We feel really fast and sure of ourselves. So sure that we overlook how tired we are already. It’s the third consecutive day on which we’ve been active in our sport. Most of us didn’t manage to do as much in the school sports week, which was really a long time ago. We’re running out of energy.

So by the afternoon of that ominous third day, at the latest, tiredness is very likely upon us. If you’re clever, you won’t ignore it. That burning in your thigh muscles is not a sign that your airstream is still too low. If you’re clever, you might choose a couple of easier slopes from time to time, or shorter routes. And take more breaks. It doesn’t just make sense, it also ensures that you’ve finally got time for those panorama photo shots you always wanted to take.