Anyone who has ever celebrated anything in Paznaun knows these three men and their friendly smiles. Their names are Norbert, Werner and Gottlieb, and together they are “Paznaunerklang”, the band for any occasion. The three Paznaun locals sing their greatest hit for Trisanna: “Im Paznaun gibt’s koan Zaun” (“There’s no fence in Paznaun). Just click and enjoy.

They are passionate musicians and they know what their audience wants to hear. For example, when it’s time to raise a glass, it’s time for “Ein Prost mit harmonischem Klange” (“A toast with harmonious sound”), in a fine three-part harmony.

Brothers Norbert and Werner Stark and their friend and colleague, Gottlieb Rudiger, have played together for more than eleven years now as “Paznaunerklang”. They appear at parties large and small, and accompany private and public events. Their language is universal: “The language is music,” as they sing on one of the tracks on their CD “Our Tyrolean homeland”.

Norbert plays the Styrian button accordion, Werner the guitar, Gottlieb bass and guitar. All three sing, often wild and rousingly, sometimes lyrically, often also in apparently effortless three-part part phrases clear as a bell and crystalline.

The most important thing is for the audience to have fun. This is what leads the three of them to get all dressed up, the Tyrolean eagle on their chests visible from afar, and travel up and down, right across the valley. This is also the reason why they are recognised and greeted everywhere they go.

Entertainment is a serious business. It needs a good foundation. Norbert completed his training on the diatonic accordion with Franz Posch and Ferdinand Baumgartner, learnt the piano and harmonics with Prof. Pichler, and earned his stripes playing with numerous bands and groups.

Werner is the first voice in the trio. His guitar playing is virtuoso, and he’s the one who entertains the audience and makes them laugh with humorous asides.

Gottlieb, the “Paznaunerklang” bass player, doesn’t just provide the trio’s full sound with his bass chords. He is also a trained choirmaster and leads a mixed choir.