“Don’t be a drudge, take a sledge.” And it’s true, there aren’t many things which are more fun than tobogganing. But which sledge should it be? Our friends at the “Sueddeutschen Zeitung” (SZ) newspaper ran a test recently – with the following result:

In first place: The Olympic champion toboggan

“A great piece of equipment which goes well even on a soft track” – the SZ’s verdict on the Gasser Tourenrodel Spezial Sport. It steers extremely well and runs very smoothly, too, you just have to know a bit about handling sport toboggans. The sledge comes from Matrei of Brenner, so it’s a quality Tyrolean product. That’s what the Tyrolean Olympic tobogganing champions think, too, by the way. The SZ gives it 10 out of 10.

Gasser Tourenrodel Spezial Sport, 231 euros.


In second place: The world champion toboggan

The SZ verdict: “Steers very well! The only model with a cable for steering, which functions brilliantly.” You sit very low down on the Torggler T115, but the height can be adjusted. It’s made using only high-quality materials such as ash wood, rubber-mounted runners and wooden slat bars. Which means this toboggan from the South Tyrol is not exactly cheap. Almost all current tobogganing world champions swear by Torggler sledges. The SV gives it 9 out of 10.

Torggler T 115, 295 euros. 


In third place: The all-rounder

The Kathrein Tourenrodel is a good all-round model: comfortable, relatively big, with a soft fabriccovering, but still a very sporty ride. “The curve radius is a bit wider than the other, better-rated models. It reacts a bit more slowly, but is easy to control,” says the SZ – and gives it 8 out of 10. The toboggan also comes from the Tyrol.

Kathrein Tourenrodel Zweisitzer, 210 euros.


Not even in the race: the camping stool

Hands off! Warning! Do not buy! The aluminium Alpenflitzer might be foldable, which makes it very manageable, but in the opinion of the SZ, it’s pretty much the most pointless thing you can go down a toboggan run on: “It’s not a suitable for a longer toboggan ride. When the snow is soft, it automatically slows down. Far from being nippy – you sink down and don’t move a metre.” This sledge gets just 1 out of 10. And that’s only because it could probably be quite useful as a camping stool.

Alpenflitzer Alu, 49 euros