We’re delighted, of course, when the sun shines on the slopes. To make sure we can really enjoy it, though, Trisanna has five tips on protecting yourself from the sun.  Because that’s going to be really important in the next few days.

1 Surprise – sun cream! Rub it in well in any places not covered by your ski outfit or helmet. Ideally use a cream with at least sun protection factor 30 – to be on the safe side.

2 Long-lasting.  To ensure your sun cream is really effective, it’s important to apply it a good 20 – 30 minutes before setting off. You should also top up the sun cream every couple of hours.

3 Your eyes. The sun’s rays can damage your eyes as well as your skin. So don’t forget your ski goggles! They’ll give you better vision,  and will also protect your eyes from strong sunlight.

4 Waterproof. It doesn’t matter what product you use, just make sure that it’s one specially developed for the winter. This means it will at least be waterproof, which can be pretty important on a snowy slope.

5After care. After a long and lovely day on the slopes, apply after sun lotion to your skin. It provides your skin with  lots of moisture, and if you’ve caught the sun a bit, it will keep the colour longer, too.

But why is this so important? Well, the UV radiation in the mountains is more intensive. The higher you are, the great the amount of UV radiation (there’s a general rule here: for  every 1000 metres of altitude, the radiation increases by 15%). The snow also reflects 80 – 90 percent of the UV radiation, which strengthens it even more.