You can only make it if you’re tough: when the photographer Adam Klingeteg came to Ischgl to shoot pictures of next season’s models for the ski company Fischer, temperatures were rock-bottom. It was snowing heavily and the wind was penetratingly strong. This is what happened next:

The most uncomfortable days of the year became a stage for the Klingeteg and Fischer team.

“We gave up every free moment so we could spend as much time as possible skiing,” said the team, which was supported by the Ischgl Jeep® partner. “The way up into the mountains is child’s play like this – after that it was just a matter of overcoming our individual inner reluctance and defying the weather.”

We’re excited to see the end result of this production in the midst of raw nature. The pictures will be available in the coming season – first impressions of the “making-of” are shown here.