What happens when you visit the best chefs in Paznaun with a camera and ask: what have you got in your kitchen? Can you knock us up something quickly? Just a snack? A lot happens, that’s what. He is Chef of the Year 2018. His Restaurant Stüva in Hotel Yscal has four Gault-Millau toques. He has won the Young Chef Award and a host of other accolades. Benjamin Parth is one of the chefs who has turned Paznaun into the culinary centre of Austria. The best thing about him, though, is that he is up for a bit of fun even in stressful times.  Such as when you suddenly stand in front of him with a camera and ask him: “Benni, could you knock us up a snack? Something cold would be fine, we really don’t want to disturb you too much.” The snack, in this case, was oyster carpaccio with lobster and lemon foam.