When the sun warms up the snow thoroughly during the day, and the same snow freezes again in the night, then we get, with any luck, this wonderfully smooth corn snow, which is so much fun to ski on off-piste. But where is it? Robert from the snow sports school in Ischgl showed us his three favourite spots.
Downhill run over the Flimschulter The best corn snow slopes at this time of year are on the Samnaun side of the ski area – because the sun always burns down early there, and already at 9 o’clock in the morning, perfect corn snow conditions await. From the Flimjoch cable car mountain station or the Flimsattel cable car, you go up along the left hand side to the Flimspitze. The route is all at the same height the whole time until just before the Flimschulter. Then you can ski down on either side of the rock: on the right hand side, there’s already a lot of corn snow early in the morning, on the left hand side there’s even a bit of powder snow first thing at this time of year.
Down the Flimschulter
From Visnitzkopf towards Alp Bella Also in Switzerland, and just one ride away with the Visnitz cable car: directly under the mountain station towers The Church, a very striking rock formation.  To the left of it there is a fantastic steep corn snow slope, which ends up right at the Mullerbahn cable car. Stylists, take note: the final turns are very visible to anyone sitting in the chairlift.
Descent from Visnitzkopf, past The Church
From Greitspitz right down to the bottom The run down from Greitspitz is particularly spectacular – you can reach it directly from Ischgl via the Idjochbahn followed by the Greitspitz lift. According to Robert, the conditions there are perfect at the moment, and you can ski down really far, too, but the final section can be a little tricky. If you turn the wrong way, you end up at a waterfall and then can’t go any further in that direction. You should only tackle the corn snow run over the Greitspitz with local people – ideally with a guide from snow sports school in Ischgl.
View from the Greitspitz. It goes downhill from there somewhere.
Bonus track: corn snow downhill run from Valgronda through Fimba Of course, the best off-piste downhill runs in Ischgl always start from the Valgronda. The route over the Heidelberger Hut through Fimba to Gampenalp is also fantastic. Corn snow fans should wait another two or three days still, though. Right now there are still too many gusts of wind in Fimba, and instead of corn snow you currently go through crusted snow, frozen only at the top. You might like it, of course. But you really don’t have to.