Hiking. A great idea.  Best of all, as it happens, in the early hours, when it isn’t so hot yet and you might even catch sight of a fabulous mountain sunrise, too. But how, for goodness’ sake, are you supposed to crawl out of bed early enough? In the holidays? We’ve got 5 tips for you: Tip 1: Imagine you’re a CEO Steve Jobs did it, and since he spoke about it, it’s become a major trend: getting up early.  According to Jobs it makes you successful and balanced. If you’re not already rolling your eyes at this point, then the best thing would be to try it out straightaway and set your alarm for 5.30am. Who knows, maybe morning torture actually is the route to success? You never know what might happen. And if you do want to reach the very top, then it’s definitely easier in the early hours, because that’s when there’s a lot less external enemy action (the heat, in this case). Tip 2: Succumb to group pressure At the end (and the beginning) of the day, we are, after all, fairly social beings. But that can also turn into a negative. Because if everyone knows, the pressure mounts. And pressure is good, when you don’t want to keep other people waiting. So, if you want to get up early, it’s best to make a date with other people from the off. And then you really can’t leave them in the lurch.
Tip 3: Get yourself completely ready beforehand Getting dressed is totally exhausting. We’ve known that since we started doing it. And because we can’t think clearly first thing anyway, we should get into bed completely dressed and ready. Then really all you need to do is get up and you can get going straight away. But a small tip from experience: you should probably only put your walking boots on in the morning. Because otherwise they’ll interfere with your sleep. Tip 4: Put on Britney Spears No mercy. Your mobile phone alarm really doesn’t care if Britney comes out of its speakers or the sound of a chainsaw. So there’s no need for agonizing choices first thing in the morning. A mobile phone alarm with a ringtone which gets you out of bed is a must. It doesn’t matter if it’s the song you shared with your ex, or Britney – anything goes. Or rather anything which makes you get out of bed quickly to turn off the alarm. Tip 5: Walking away always helps Yes, they do exist: alarm clocks which walk away from you. But this isn’t really good news: they still stay within earshot and are very annoying, especially when you just wanted to turn over and make yourself cosy in bed again. At some point, then, you have no choice but to peel yourself, grumbling, out of bed. Et voilá, you’ve done it.