Four tips for a couple of really new life experiences right at the start of 2018 – provided you’re spending New Year in Paznaun.


Never call it curling
First things first: ice stock shooting has really got nothing to do with shooting. It’s about letting an ice stock, a kind of thick metal plate with a handle, glide over an ice rink so carefully that it comes as near as possible to the target, called a Taube. This Alpine boules looks easier than it is. Apparently a schnapps now and then doesn’t hurt – and it will certainly reduce the time spent waiting for the countdown.

Eislaufplatz See, Wednesday to Sunday from 17.00 to 21.00
Information and reservations: +43 (0)50990 400


Party hard
New Year in Paznaun. In Kappl, the party is up on the mountain, in the Sunny Mountain Restaurant. All of Galtür comes together on the Hauptplatz, where the ski school torch relay tand brass band music is followed by an acoustic fireworks display. In Ischgl, there are as many as twelve places where the sound of the fireworks display is magical. Happy New Year!


Be the first on the first
New Year’s Eve means that a well-known insider tip still holds true: the morning of 1 January is one of very best times for skiing. In Kappl, the Dias, Alblitt and Alblittkopf slopes are open even earlier than usual – as every Monday. From 8.00 in the morning you have the slopes to yourself here. Or perhaps not quite to yourself.


New year, new sport
If you’ve only ever known skis as high tech products, you’ll probably be on your knees with amazement when you see this original form of skiing. In stave racing, you stand in your normal shoes on staves, the long, curved boards from which barrels are made. You need to have a good sense of balance, and more importantly, be ready to make a bit of a fool of yourself. Not a bad start to a new year!

Tuesdays from 20.30 at Gampele,
next to the sport and culture centre in Galtür