If you go skiing at temperatures of minus 20 C, you don’t need to prove to anyone anymore that you look great, too. You can concentrate totally on fighting the cold. Five tips for hard-core skiers.

1. work with layers

In really biting cold, the rule is: more is more. Functional underwear forms the basis, then comes layer after layer of clothing, which shouldn’t be too tight, so that the air can circulate properly. It’s important to keep your hands and feet warm, too, as this is where we get cold the most quickly. Mittens are warmer than gloves with fingers, and inner glove liners can optimize the effect. The only place where you shouldn’t use layers is in your ski boots – but you could perhaps use heated soles there, instead.


2. cover your face

If you want to protect yourself against the cold, you mustn’t forget your forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The easiest way is to wear a balaclava under your helmet. It can be difficult to put on – but it’s worth it.



In extreme cold, the glands which provide moisture to the skin on your face stop working. Your skin begins to tighten, cracks easily and is more susceptible to minor frostbite. Rubbing grease onto your face helps – and this is true for men, too. Winter sun cream also provides protection from UV rays.


4. always follow the sun

Okay, so your common sense tells you as much: it’s warmer in the sun. So it helps to plan your ski day according to the position of the sun. In the Samnaun Ischgl ski area, for example, that means it’s better to be out on the Swiss side in the morning, then move towards Greitspitz around midday, and spend the afternoon firstly around the Idalp and then around the Zeblasjoch, before coming back down into the valley.


5. hot, clear water

Pausing to drink a tea is always a good idea, especially when you’re taking a break from skiing in extreme cold. And a warm bath is highly recommended at the end of a cold day. Just the sight of it will make you forget the cold outside for a moment or two.

Illustrationen: Tom Mackinger