When the first snow falls, the advent markets open and there are fairy lights are hanging everywhere, Christmas isn’t far away. Photographer Ronald Lorenz captures Paznaun’s loveliest moods. We asked him what he looks for most of all in his pictures.

Taking photos right now is special because:
In terms of nature, it’s the clichéd white landscape, the woods, houses and villages clad in snow, as they are right now. In terms of people, even when you’re taking a photo you can already feel a special mood of anticipation.

Christmas photos should show:
The mood to be caught right now should stir people’s feelings – landscapes deep in snow, candlelight, snow-clad roofs and fairy lights. Three words to describe these feelings: warm, intimate, familiar.

These motifs always work well at Christmas:
Christmas classics for me are snowy advent markets and churches, as well as snowy woods and villages. But Christmassy studio shoots with children and families are also in demand at this time of year.

The best motif in winter is:
My favourite Christmas – or winter – motifs are firstly my hometown and basecamp, Galtür, the other towns in Paznaun, and our daughter.

A place I visit every winter:
I’m always drawn to the mountains in the immediate vicinity at this time of year. The landscape under its covering of snow always seems very quiet. It always gives me a feeling of cosy familiarity.

What’s important when taking photos right now:
Christmastime isn’t always so peaceful – so taking photos is sometimes a bit like meditation for me. With a tripod, you can create time and space – which are what’s most important for good photos, and not just at Christmas and in wintertime. But in the winter it’s generally more difficult to photograph the landscape. This is quite simply because you can’t get everywhere as easily as in summer, and also because the temperatures are really challenging for the equipment, and for you yourself, sometimes.


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