Sometimes a ski day can be pretty long, and the final downhill runs turn into something of an ordeal. But when you’re down, it’s still great.  A Trisanna report on exhaustion, live from the Prennerhang at 5pm.
Wim from Lokeren (Belgium) after six hours on the piste: “On the final slope almost every turn hurts, but it’s always great fun all the same.”

Elena from Kiel has been out since 9.30: “When it gets softer, it’s always a bit more difficult for me. My red face tells you everything. But you push on through – you only go skiing once a year after all!

Luis from Madrid (Spain) was out on Ischgl’s slopes for five hours today: “I really enjoy skiing, at the end of the day as well. You do really feel it in your legs but if it’s too much, then I turn a little more slowly or stand still for a bit in between.”

Luise from Lokeren (Belgium) did a ski course for four hours today and really didn’t want to stop, but knows that: “On the final downhill run in particular, you always have to stay totally concentrated.”

Fleur from Lokeren (Belgium) skied for five hours today: “At the end of the day I always ski a couple of times with my father. Even if I’m already a bit out of breath then, they’re really fun runs.”

Thomas from Mannheim skied for five hours today, but preferred to give the last downhill run a miss: “I’ve just come down with the Fimba cable car and walked over here on foot. Yesterday I skied down and that was too much for me. Today I’m exhausted too, but happier for it.”