After a day skiing is before a day skiing: but in between there’s time to relax. Trisanna asked what the best way is to end the perfect day’s skiing. Photo of Paznaun at night: Ronald Lorenz For many people, a day of skiing is only over when the lifts close. But for others, everything has an end, even the best skiing day. And then you need to recharge your batteries for the next day, so relaxation is on the cards. But what’s the best way to do it? A nice meal, the sauna or a walk? Trisanna asked around.

“After skiing, we go out for a really good meal. We go to a restaurant, because we just want to treat ourselves when we’re on holiday.”

“There are four of us staying in a pension where we cook together in the evening and then play cards after eating. Every now and again we drink a beer, too. But we go to bed early, though, so that we’re fit for the next day.”

“There are seven of us here, and it’s not always easy to find something we all want to do in the evenings. But a great evening meal and then being all cosy in bed is not a bad option.”