Five chefs, five mountain huts – that’s too many opportunities to discover on foot over the course of a long weekend. Just as well that you can simply cook up the culinary Way of St James at home, too. We’ve got the recipes – starting today with Jean-George Klein’s tarte flambée and Paul Ivic’s Kasmuas (cheese sauce).

The first dish: Jean-George Klein’s savoury Alsace tarte flambée

A delicious, delicate recipe. “Starter, main course and dessert all in one”, says the Michelin-starred chef of his mountain hut dish. Regional in conception, executed with flair.
Jean-Georges Klein’s tarte flambée
The butter pastry
275 g flour
25 g egg
4 g salt
60 g water
100 g butter
What you need to do:
Melt the butter and combine with all the ingredients. Leave to rest for one hour. Leave two layers (like flaky pastry) to rest briefly and then roll out 1mm thick and 8cm by 26cm (or 5cm by 26cm)
The savoury quark cream

100 g 40% quark
300 g crème fraîche
1-2 eggs
50g vegetable oil
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
300 g finely chopped onions
150g finely cut bacon
150g smoked herring caviar
1 lime
What you need to do:
Combine all the ingredients and season to taste, spreading out 2mm thick on two Silpat non-stick mats. Garnish one with onion and bacon, the other with herring caviar. Bake and cut into 6cm by 7 cm (or 3cm by 7cm) pieces
The sweet quark cream
500g 40% quark
150g crème fraîche
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
25g vegetable oil
35g sugar
250 g Pink Lady/Royal Gala apples
Brown sugar
What you need to do: 
Combine all the ingredients and spread out 2mm thick on a Silpat non-stick mat. Garnish with the apples and dust with brown sugar. Bake and cut into 6cm by 7 cm (or 3cm by 7cm) pieces Preparation:
Place a piece of quark cream (sweet or savoury) on a piece of butter pastry. Bake in the oven at 250°C for 6 – 8 minutes, remove from the oven and sprinkle with either caviar or lime zest.

The second dish: Paul Ivic’s Kasmuas cheese sauce with leek and pear vinaigrette

Savoury, vegetarian – and made from predominantly regional produce. The barley puree, for example, is made from an old Tyrolean type of grain, and the mountain cheese comes from Paznaun.
Paul Ivic’s Kasmuas
The barley puree

500g Fisser barley puree powder
1l organic cream
250 ml strong vegetable stock
75g well-matured Paznaun mountain cheese
What you need to do:
Gerstenpulver mit Gemüsefond und Sahne aufkochen und mit Salz abschmecken. Cremig servieren. Frische Wiesenkräuter fein schneiden und kurz vor dem Servieren hinzufügen. The vinaigrette

150 ml pear balsam
50 ml reduced port wine (250 ml)
10g sugar
20 ml Ponzu lemon vinegar
250 ml linseed oil
150 g  macadamia nut oil
100 ml strong vegetable stock
Mountain salt
1 pear
Pinch of vanilla
2 leeks
What you need to do:
Braise the leeks in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 – 20 minutes until the outer skin is well burnt. Remove the exterior leaves and use just the inner heart of the leek.
Marinate in the marinade.
And to serve:
Mix the creamy Fisser barley sauce with the tangy mountain cheese, add the braised marinated leeks, and garnish with flowers and herbs. On Monday: recipes from Tristan Brandt, James Knappett and Onno Kokmejer.