A skiing holiday is all about family, moving around in the fresh air and relaxing. And after the journey here, today everything really kicks off. Four reasons why this day is so special (today for those travelling from Vienna and Berlin, by the way):

An absolute must: normally a Sunday means you don’t have to do anything. Today’s a bit different: you do have to do something. You have to buy the lift passes. Go up the mountain. Maybe test out new kit. That’s very much better than doing nothing, as I’m sure you’ll agree (and the Atomic Redster G9 is an amazing ski, by the way!).

Off into adventure: maybe you’re a regular, maybe you’re here for the first time, but in any case, Sunday, which for many people is the first full ski day, promises to be an adventure. You work out where you are, you check out the condition of the slope, you plan a route to get from piste to piste, you decide to visit certain huts. In short, you discover a wonderful part of the world all for yourself. It’s a prospect which is all but guaranteed to rid you of that little bit of sleepiness after such a generous breakfast. (Attention all regulars, there’s the new Velilleckbahn cableway in Ischgl this season. It whisks you back up the mountain in moments, if you skied down the number 7. You must try it, it’s highly recommended!)

Let go: your children are doing a ski course for the first time, and of course you’re wondering how it will work, if they’ll enjoy skiing or just be busy falling over. You could, of course, worry yourself sick about how they’re doing. But you can also have every confidence, in both your children and their ski instructors: it will all be okay. It’s even better if no one is too worried when they’re skiing.

Enjoy: one of the best things about Sunday is, of course, that no one has to think about going home. You don’t have to do anything because time is running out, you can just relax and enjoy. With no time pressure, no urgent need to experience anything. From the piste to the sauna, you can do everything – but you don’t have to do anything. The professionals hold onto this feeling of relaxation, and enjoy the moment.