Ten times now the ski instructors from the Ischgl ski school have provided a spectacular snow show on the Prennerhang. Yesterday was the final show. Trisanna was there – and filmed the last three minutes. Since the Christmas holidays, the Ischgl ski school teams have produced an incredible spectacle on the Prennerhang  almost every Tuesday evening. The Rangers and Sixpack teams, the girls’ team from Yscla Snowflakes and our friends from Dynamic have showed us time and again just what formation skiing is all about these days. The wild dogs from the snowpark hit the kickers, and then was the torch run, too, rocket men, night skiers and men with breathtaking illuminated suits.

Yesterday, it was over. Unfortunately. But we have the last three minutes, the big final run and the fireworks, on video. So we can look at it again from time to time until the next light show in December 2019.