Yesterday we shared with you a few things you probably didn’t know about Johannes Oerdin – because he was giving a concert in Ischgl. Today we show you what happened at the concert itself.

Before it all began, there was time for photos with his fans. Karen_in_raw  met Johannes by chance and recorded the moment.
Johannes & Karen

There was a press conference beforehand, of course. And there was time, too, to autograph the Ischgl placard.

Johannes Oerding signing

You can see the stage here, just before it all kicked off. There’s no one there yet, but it’s going to get packed very soon.

Just before the concert

And then it started. And? Did we promise too much? It was packed! Johannes Oerding played all his hits and the atmosphere was great.

Huge audience

m.knocki photographed it all from the audience.

This was definitely a concert that Ischgl won’t forget in a hurry. Here’s another short video so that anyone who wasn’t there can at least have an idea of what it was like.