There are days like today, when the weather isn’t exactly ideal. Not even here in sun-kissed Paznaun. The good thing is that even if the journey to the top of the mountain isn’t worth it today, you can still experience “the top”. And even keep dry whilst doing so. Here, of course, in the Galtür Alpinarium.


hen it’s cloudy outside, stormy, raining or snowing, then skiing sometimes becomes a classic case of I-can-but-I don’t-have-to. And even if a relaxed day in your room or in the bakery can be a good day, there are other ways to spend a bad weather day in Paznaun. If you’re looking for something different, to have an experience, and at the same time learn something about the region you’re holidaying in, the Alpinarium in Galtür is just the right place.

The permanent exhibition “At the very top – stories about Galtür and the world” explores the understanding of man and nature in the alpine space. Beginning and end. Above and below. Man and mountain. Both the content and the architecture of the museum invite contemplation.  About the past, but also about the present. This is because the entire architecture of the Alpinarium is also a shelter from the powerful forces of nature.

How so? It is not only the museum and the exhibition which form an information and documentation centre of Galtür’s eventful history, the building does too. The Alpinarium is a central component of the 345 metre-long, 19 metre-high protective wall built after the catastrophic avalanche of 23 February 1999. So the Alpinarium is a wonderful symbiosis of defensive wall and museum.

Another reason why it’s worth the trip is because you’re guaranteed no one will be bored here. It’s the small things that make a difference. The rooms all look so different from each other, there are clever gimmicks on the walls, and some rooms themselves – such as the mirror room, where the colours of the lights change – which you can’t walk by without pausing (and maybe taking a photo).

To list everything else there is in the Alpinarium would be to spoil the anticipation too much. Just this: yes, there’s also a café for refreshment breaks, next to an indoor climbing wall and a beautifully designed children’s puzzle rally.

What are you waiting for?

Alpinarium Galtür
Hauptstraße 29 c
6563 Galtür
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Entrance: Adults 9 euros, children under 18 5 euros

Photos: Alpinarium Galtür, private