In real life he’s called Simon Horn, but anyone under the age of 10 knows him by a different name: HerrH (Mr H) is a star of “Neue Deutsche Kindermusik” children’s music. This evening he’s playing in Kappl. Trisanna had a few questions for him.


Describe yourself in three words.
Long hair, big glasses, very musical.

Why do you make music for children?
It was actually the best coincidence of my life. I come from a very musical family, my father composes lots and lots of songs, for teachers as well. So I made music for adults for many years. After my studies, I worked as a primary school teacher for two years, and so I spent a great deal of time with children, thought about the stories I wanted to tell them, and wrote my first songs for children.

When there are no children listening, what do you listen to yourself?
Everything which touches my heart. I like to move around and I listen to German music. And then of course old school hip-hop from the 90s, too, which I grew up with.

Is making music for children a particular challenge?
Completely! I’ve also made music for adults, but it’s more difficult for children. It has to be clearer, you have a great responsibility for the stories you tell. You sing with a totally different intensity.

What’s your funniest experience on stage?
It wasn’t very long ago, three or four weeks ago I performed my new single “High Five” at a big concert. After the concert, when the hall was almost empty, Benedikt, a five-year-old old who really does come to almost every concert, was still standing in front of the stage. He was the last one in the hall and just getting his coat on, and I was already clearing up on the stage. Then he said, very casually and coolly, “HerrH, make a claw”, and turned around. That’s a line from the song in the new single, of course, but not a very prominent one. Just a draft, really. But the little boy had probably already heard the song so often and knew it off by heart”

How old is your oldest fan?
At the last concert, there was a 77-year-old grandpa who was a huge fan of the music. I make family music really, so Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa mostly come to the concerts anyway. But do I really have fans who are over 100? – sorry, I don’t know! (he laughs)

Are you into winter sports?
Ever since I’ve been holding concerts in Austria too, I certainly am! You see, as a child I never had winter holidays, but in the past three years I’ve been able to play concerts in Galtür and then I’ve gone onto the slopes afterwards every time – the first year I was very wobbly when I skied down the blue piste! (laughs). By now I can ski all the slopes and think it’s fantastic! I’ve never been to the Kappl ski area, but Galtür is really brilliant for families in particular, the children have so much fun and can race down all the slopes, it’s super!

Will you be out on the slopes the day after your concert in Kappl?
I really wanted to, but it’s not going to work this year unfortunately, it’s carnival time now and there’s so much going with concerts. But this concert is at the toboggan run – so I really have to have at least one run down with the sledge! (laughs).


You can get into the groove in advance of the concert on the toboggan run in Kappl with these songs from HerrH –entrance to the concert is free of charge if you have a valid toboggan evening ticket, by the way.