They’re four friends from South London, and they’re called BΔSTILLE (that’s the original spelling) because singer Dan Smith was born on 14 July – France’s national holiday, the day of the legendary “storming of the Bastille.” On 22 April, they’re playing at the Spring Snow Festival at the Alp Trida. Trisanna has five facts – and the ten best songs.

One: Bastille started when Dan Smith uploaded some mixtapes onto the internet. He edited together some legendary film scenes for it – and enjoyed a lot of publicity for violating the copyrights.

Two: Dan studied literature at Leeds University, but has always been passionate about film.

Three: The band’s first success was with the EP Laura Palma – a tribute to the character of that name in the television series Twin Peaks.

Four: The single “Pompei” has been viewed on YouTube no less than 460 million times.

Five: “Pompeii” was certified triple platinum in Italy and Canada, four times platinum in Australia and seven times platinum in Sweden – a difficult record to beat.