You should never have a first date on a ski slope, or so they say. Because, they say, one person will always ski worse than the other. And then it gets embarrassing. But if you do go for it, then you need a piste where both of you can shine. Ischgl has one of those, of course: piste no. 7.

No. 7 goes from Pardatschgrad through Velill to Obere Velillalp (you can also access it, if you really want to, from the Velill gap). We’ve already described it elsewhere: because it’s the most spectacular piste, a true high alpine piste, and a piste which reminds us of Arielle, the Little Mermaid (please don’t ask why). But we have another reason, too: no. 7 is the perfect piste if you want to have a romantic day out. A day where both of you look fantastic on the slopes.

Why so?

  • The piste is not very steep, so even people who are not super-professionals can ski down the 7 at quite a pace and quite respectably.
  • The piste is wide enough for you to be able to just ski straight on if you lose control of your skis (and explain to your partner that this extra-long radius was completely intentional)
  • The 7 goes through the most spectacular landscape imaginable. The views are high alpine on all sides, so that no one can really look at the other skiers for very long because they’re distracted straightway time and again by the breathtaking surroundings (which means the landscape really does excuse you everything). 
On top of that, the last stretch of the 7 is an incredibly easy-going final run.  And that’s something everyone can do, even the beginner skier you unthinkingly agreed to spend the day with.

And if there really is a big difference in your skill level, you can get to the Pardorama restaurant very quickly with the Pardoramabahn cable car. And you can spend the day very comfortably there, too. Especially in this beautiful weather.