There is a high street through the town, sure, but the centre of Ischgl is actually the Idalp. Skiing at an altitude of 2 320 metres has been possible for the past 56 years. Everything’s changed since then. And it’s still just as fantastic.
As of 1963, a drag lift went up from Idalp to Idjoch. At that time, it was the only lift on the mountain, but it was still great. The lift was modern for its time and went through a truly majestic landscape. If you turned your head slightly to the right during the journey on the lift, you could see a mountain panorama including the Verwallgruppe with three-thousand metre peaks.
The Verwallgruppe is still there today, and you can still go from Idalp to Idjoch today if you want to – just a lot more frequently and a lot faster, because these days there’s the Idjochbhan B3 cable car to take you up the mountain. The eight-person chairlift covers the climb of 460 metres in six minutes, bringing 3 000 people per hour up to the Joch. This means you can manage a couple more descents than in 1963. And there are several more lifts to explore on the Idalp these days.