Anyone under the age of ten (or anyone who knows anyone under the age of ten) will know HerrH. Simon Horn, as the singer is called in real life, is one of the stars of the children’s music scene. At the end of February he’s performing in Kappl again. We spoke with him about his fans, his own childhood and Paznaun.

Children love children’s songs. And yes, sometimes on an endless loop. For parents, though, these catchy earworms are sometimes incredibly annoying. So we need songs which appeal to both children and adults. That’s exactly what singer Simon Horn, alias HerrH, promises in his children’s songs. He composes cool, witty lyrics and includes elements of rock, hip hop and rap in his music.

His awards prove that he’s not just popular with kids. He won the German Rock and Pop prize for the most successful album just last month. And in Kappl at any rate we have something to look forward to: with HerrH, every concert turns into a huge party.
Simon, the album you’re touring with now is called “When I grow up”. What did you want to be when you were a child?
I only ever had one wish: I wanted to make music. I would never have imagined that I would be doing children’s songs one day. But I was always especially interested in German language music, which I discovered for myself – like Fanta 4 and Sammy Deluxxe. You can recognise some elements of that in your music, too.
Yes, German hip hop very definitely influenced my music. For one thing, the German language fits very well to children’s songs, and then you can do so much with hip hop basses.   People say that children are the most honest fans. Have you ever had to accept criticism from kids?
Children are definitely more honest than adults. But I’ve actually only ever had positive feedback on my music til now. One way of telling that children like your music is how crazily they dance at your concerts. Would you say that kids make for the best parties?
Yes. I do think that children really know best how to party. It’s because they’re so unselfconscious. They dance to what they like and don’t care about what’s trendy. They give you a fair chance as a musician, even if they’re listening to you for the first time. Children are curious and much more up for adventure. I’m always fascinated by how they see things. Adults, on the other hand, are often not so open to new music, in my experience. It’s more difficult with them. You used to play with an indie band. Do you miss your wild life sometimes?
If I’m honest, there isn’t much difference. The only things that have changed is the times of the concerts and the fact that no one drinks alcohol. But I actually prefer to play in the afternoons than in the evenings, there’s an advantage to be being able to really relax in the evenings. But in terms of being on the road, there’s no difference. You’re here this year for the second time in Kappl. You’ve also played in Galtür. Do you like Paznaun?
Yes, very much. The region is really very beautiful, and I also have a special affection for it because I learnt to ski here a couple of years ago. Kappl is even my favourite of all the ski areas around here because it’s such a fantastic family ski area. It’s not so big that you’re scared of losing the kids. And you can always meet other parents. It’s a great family feeling, and it’s ideal for your first attempts at skiing. So are you going out onto the slopes in the morning, too?
Last year it didn’t work out, unfortunately. But it’s fixed in my agenda for this year. And I’m really looking forward to it. HerrH in Kappl – what you need to know
  • When: 27 February 2020 
  • Where: Sunny Mountain Restaurant Terrasse
  •  The concert starts at 3 p.m – and takes place in any weather
  • Tickets: entrance is free with a valid lift pass!