From the Greitspitze, the highest point in the ski area, down to Ischgl, it’s 11 kilometres. That already sounds impressive. But it gets even more impressive when you compare the number with other things which are 11 kilometres long.




is as long as …

… 1.5 times the longest train in the world. That’s the Australian BHP Iron Ore Train, which claimed the world record as the longest and heaviest train on 21 June 2001. Eight locomotives were in action, with 682 wagons and a total length of 7 353 metres.

… the way from the Silvretta valley station to Kappl, and then with the Dias cableway up the mountain. It’s actually a little bit shorter, if we’re being precise. And it definitely takes longer.

… 29.17 minutes. That’s the time Kenenisa Beklele could run this route in. Because he’s the world record holder over 10 kilometres, covering the distance in 26.17 minutes in Brussels in 2005. He’d need exactly 3 minutes more for the extra kilometer. Or so say we.

… the winners finished the Lauberhorn downhill race in Wengen, Switzerland, in around 2 minutes 30. It’s about 4.5 kilometres long. If you moved that to Ischgl, you’d make it in a time of 5.62 minutes – although the skiers in Wengen would have to go at up to 160km an hour on their descent.

… the Mondsee lake. It’s also 11 kilometres long – but only 1.5 kilometres wide. The southern shore marks the border between the states of Upper Austria and Salzburg, and between the Limestone Alps in the south and the sandstone zone of the northern Alps. But you have to say: the downhill run on piste 11 is definitely prettier.